See who is helping us elevate the conversation with #LetsTalkClimate.

Ed Fenster
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Sunrun

Sunrun co-founder Ed Fenster says, "The best way to talk about climate is just to take an action yourself, then share with your friends how it has made your life better ... believe that the cycle will repeat"


Dominique Crenn
Chef and Owner, Atelier Crenn

Dominique Crenn explains that a 500-person dinner table would be a great place for conversation about climate change because, "food is the core of engagement. When you have food you have engagement, when you engagement you have narrative, when you have narrative you have new ideas, and when you have that you have more respect for each other."


Nicolette Hahn Niman
Rancher, Lawyer, Writer

Nicolette Hahn Niman says one of her biggest frustrations in the climate conversation is that, "we are getting these really oversimplified messages, especially we are often told 'don't eat beef' and that is good for the climate."


Brian Wiedenmeier
Executive Director, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Brian Wiedenmeier talks about who needs to be a part of the conversation. "We need to be inviting one another to talk about climate change and its impacts. Everybody needs to be a part of this conversation, from your neighbors and friends, to business owners, elected officials, policy makers ... the stakes are too high for anyone to be left out."


Educator and Bay Area Coordinator, Hip Hop Caucus

"I talk about #climatechange all the time," says legendary artist and Bay Area coordinator for the Hip Hop Caucus.

"We dream out loud through language. I believe that language is a powerful component of shifting from one paradigm which is a paradigm where there is justice."