Musician, Bay Area Coordinator, Hip Hop Caucus

Mystic is a hip hop/soul artist from Oakland, California whose 2001 debut album Cuts For Luck and Scars for Freedom earned her global recognition as well as Grammy and BET nominations. Having independently released her follow-up album Beautiful Resistance in 2014, Mystic continues to craft music for living, healing, challenging inequality and injustice, and loving ourselves. Not only an artist, Mystic is a children’s advocate and a student who is preparing to write her senior thesis at UC Berkeley after returning from studying at the University of Cape Town in South Africa for a semester. Mystic is a 2013 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholar, which helps allow her to be a full time student pursuing knowledge to be of greater service to children around the world and within the United States.

Mystic has worked with the Hip Hop Caucus for over 10 years on everything from engaging young voters, closing Guantanamo Bay, climate change, environmental justice and ending police brutality. Mystic is an artist and woman who chooses to use her platform to help bring attention to the issues that challenge our local and global communities.

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