Adam Browning

Co-Founder and Executive Director Emeritus, Vote Solar

Adam Browning is a seasoned cleantech and non-profit executive, with deep experience in changemaking, clean energy and climate justice policy, legislative campaigns, regulatory processes, grassroots advocacy, collaborative partnerships, communications, and fundraising.  Browning is the co-founder and former Executive Director of Vote Solar, a national non-profit advocacy organization with the mission of a 100% clean and equitable energy system in the US. Founded in 2002, Vote Solar played a central role in making solar a mainstream energy source in the US, and now has a staff of over 40 changemakers working on state-level clean energy campaigns in 27 states. 

Browning is on the boards of Power for All, an international non-profit working to bring distributed renewable energy to the ~1B people on the planet without power; and Forum Mobility, a private start-up working to electrify heavy-duty fleets and bring zero-emission goods-movement solutions to US ports.


Podcast Guest Appearances

Solar Flare-ups

Solar power has become one of the cheapest sources of electricity and is viewed as a cornerstone of our clean energy future. But it wasn’t always that way. 

When Adam Browning started the renewable advocacy organization Vote Solar in 2002, he says solar was viewed as somewhat of a “hippie pipedream,” considered “way too expensive to really make a dent on our country's energy future.”