Alastair Marsh

Reporter, Bloomberg

Alastair Marsh is a reporter for Bloomberg, following the money and the emissions (not to mention the #greenwashing). Marsh covers how Big Money (banks, insurers, asset managers, hedge funds, private equity, etc) impact on and are impacted by issues like #climatechange. Previous reporting assignments include crypto and credit markets.

Podcast Guest Appearances

In Person at COP27: Funding the Global Energy Transition

Climate One has been at this year's UN climate summit, COP27, where one of the issues at the forefront of the conversation has been “loss and damage” – the idea that rich countries who have historically emitted the vast majority of climate-disrupting pollution should have to pay for the resulting suffering borne by those least responsible for the problem. At the same time, the whole world needs to drastically reduce its emissions and transition to clean energy – and that costs money, too.