Amory Lovins

Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

As Cofounder and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute, Amory Lovins is dedicated to transforming global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future. In this role, Lovins relies upon his experience as an energy advisor to major firms and governments in over 65 countries for more than 40 years. A Harvard and Oxford dropout, former Oxford don, honorary US architect, and Swedish engineering academician, he has taught at ten universities, most recently Stanford’s Engineering School and the Naval Postgraduate School. His main recent efforts include supporting RMI’s collaborative synthesis, for China’s National Development and Reform Commission, of an ambitious efficiency-and-renewables trajectory to inform the 13th Five Year Plan, and exploring how to make integrative design the new normal, so investments to energy efficiency can yield expanding rather than diminishing returns.

Lovins is the author of 31 books and 600 papers. He has received the Blue Planet, Volvo, Zayed, Onassis, Nissan, Shingo, and Mitchell Prizes, the MacArthur and Ashoka Fellowships, the Happold, Benjamin Franklin, and Spencer Hutchens Medals, and 12 honorary doctorates.

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