Amy Harcourt

Co-founder/Principal, Bikes Make Life Better, Inc.

Amy Harcourt is the co-founder of Bikes Make Life Better, a firm that works with forward-thinking organizations to enhance their transportation, sustainability and wellness efforts by providing simple, affordable and best-in-class bicycle programs. Founded in 2010, Bikes Make Life Better helps organizations use bicycles as business tools, supporting measurable improvements in efficiency and profitability. Their clients are some of the world’s highest profile corporations and universities, most notably tech giants headquartered in the Bay Area who have made serious commitments to sustainable transportation options. After decades of working for, and consulting with, large corporations, Amy and co-founder Kurt Martin decided to combine their experience as innovators and daily bike commuters to make a lasting impact. They embrace organizations with an appetite for the long view. They believe bicycles can lead the way to sustainability. One bike makes a difference. Many bikes shape the future.

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