Andreas Karelas

Founder and Executive Director, RE-Volv

Andreas Karelas is a dedicated renewable energy advocate with over 15 years of environmental and renewable energy nonprofit experience. Prior to founding RE-volv Karelas worked with a number of leading organizations including the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), the National Audubon Society, blueEnergy, and the Center for Resource Solutions.

Karelas holds Master’s degrees in International Affairs and in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He is an Audubon TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Fellow, an OpenIDEO Climate Innovator Fellow, and the author of Climate Courage: How Tackling Climate Change Can Build Community, Transform the Economy, and Bridge the Political Divide in America.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Entrepreneurs Creating an Inclusive Economy

As the spring of 2021 arrives, it would be hard to design a more challenging — or more promising — moment for implementing climate solutions. 

Americans are reeling from an economic shutdown that’s pushed many out of the workforce, and widened the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Twelve years after President Obama entered the White House, many environmental activists and entrepreneurs see Biden-Harris as “take two” for efforts to separate economic growth from carbon emissions.