Ani Dasgupta

Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Aniruddha (Ani) Dasgupta leads the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, the World Resources Institute (WRI)’s program that galvanizes action to help cities grow more sustainably and improve quality of life in developing countries around the world. Dasgupta leads the program’s team of global experts in sustainable transport, urban development and building efficiency, as well as its engagement across low-carbon energy, governance, water risk, and associated areas.

Prior to joining WRI, Dasgupta served as the director of knowledge and learning at the World Bank, where he provided leadership and direction for the Bank’s role in offering knowledge services for development. In 2010, he helped develop the World Bank’s first knowledge strategy.

An urban professional, Dasgupta has dedicated himself for over 15 years to international development with a focus on the urbanization, urban environment and infrastructure. He has done extensive operational work in Asia and Eastern Europe as an technical expert centered on community based development, urban environment, disaster management, solid waste management, water supply and sanitation. He was extensively involved in the post tsunami reconstruction of Aceh as an advisor to the government on housing and infrastructure reconstruction and as the head of the Bank’s housing and infrastructure team.

Dasgupta holds master's degrees in city planning and architecture, both from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His PhD work, at the planning school at MIT, focused on services for urban poor. He received a bachelor's degree in architecture with an emphasis on low income housing from the School of Planning and Architecture in India. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and twin boys.

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