Anne Nolin

Professor, Geosciences and Hydroclimatology, Oregon State University

When snowpacks decline, the forests themselves, which depend on that snow, become moisture stressed, and moisture stressed forests are a lot more vulnerable to things like pine beetle and wildfire. Once the $res burn through the forest, especially if it’s a really severe fire, the subsequent years, the snow melts off faster in burned areas.

Anne Nolin has designed her life so that she can bike where she needs to go, which is a lifestyle she hopes to pass on to the next generation. As a Professor of Geosciences and Hydroclimatology at Oregon State University, Nolin specializes in mountain hydroclimatology and snow and ice in the climate system. Her latest research uses advanced technologies to investigate the impacts of climate change on snow and ice.

Nolin is a Board Member of Protect Our Winters, a non-profit group raising awareness of global warming impacts on snow, glaciers, and snow sports.

Anne Nolin's Simple Shift

My family and I made a decision to live near our work. My commute is actually just a three-minute walking commute but we really designed our lives so that we didn't have to drive to go out to eat or we don’t have to drive to commute. We can ride our bikes to the grocery store. We are showing our son that that's a way to live.

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