Annie Notthoff

California Advocacy Director, National Resources Defense Council

In fracking, you’ve got to heat the water up to very high temperatures. And that is what the oil industry is using, fossil fuels to do that which further increases the carbon footprint. This is just bass-ackward right now in terms of California’s commitment to combatting global warming and a clean energy future.

Annie Notthoff believes that lessons learned in California will spread beyond the state's borders. As Director of the National Resources Defense Council's California Advocacy program in San Francisco, Notthoff promotes environmental and public health protection in California by working with variety of people from state leaders to grassroots groups. In order to craft successful campaigns, she works with NRDC’s legal and scientific experts to provide strategic counsel. This work paid off in 2011 when she worked with NRDC's ocean and climate teams to successfully advocate for a statewide ban on shark fins, and on final adoption of AB32 cap and trade regulation.

Notthoff has an undergraduate degree in Community Service and Public Affairs from the University of Oregon and a master's in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley.

Annie Notthoff's Simple Shift

I get out of the car more, ride my bike more, walk more. I don’t turn on the heat and I open the windows.

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