Ariane Middel

Assistant Professor, Arizona State University;
Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation

Ariane Middel researches urban climate with a focus on climate-sensitive urban form, design, landscapes, and infrastructure in the face of extreme heat and climatic uncertainty. For the past six years, Middel has advanced the field of urban climate science by employing field observations, local and microscale climate modeling, and geovisualization to investigate sustainability challenges related to heat, thermal comfort, Urban Heat Islands, water use, energy use, and human-climate interactions in cities.


Her ongoing research focuses on developing better models and metrics to quantify urban heatscapes as they are experienced by pedestrians. She is developing a thermal comfort model based on an innovative big data approach using Street View data, deep learning, and novel environmental sensing techniques such as the biometeorological MaRTy cart.


Podcast Guest Appearances

Hot Cities, Methane Leakers and the Catholic Church

In 2017, it got so hot in Phoenix that airplanes literally could not take off, and airlines cancelled dozens of flights. Extreme heat is likely to become more common, and last longer, as climate disruption continues.

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