Austin Wilson

Environmental Health Program Manager, As You Sow

Austin Wilson oversees the Environmental Health Program at As You Sow, where he researches and promotes corporate responsibility related to food systems and human health. He previously served as a Research Associate at the Responsibility Hospitality Institute and coordinated the Student Philanthropy Program at U.C. Santa Cruz. Wilson graduated magna cum laude from U.C. Santa Cruz with undergraduate degrees in Combined Mathematics/Economics and Politics.

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Rounding Up the Facts on GMOs

Are GMOs the answer to our planet’s food shortage? Or do they jeopardize our health, crops and climate by creating a destructive cycle of Roundup resistance? Like many issues these days, it depends on who you believe. Supporters of genetically modified organisms say that altering the DNA of corn and other crops is just another tool in the farmers’ toolbox - an innovation that will help feed a world whose food production has been disrupted by climate change.