Bill Allayaud

California Director of Governmental Affairs at the Environmental Working Group

We’d like to see strong regulations that make [fracking companies] disclose the chemicals they’re bringing on to the site, the chemicals they use and have groundwater monitoring before and after the frack jobs. That way, someone would know … and maybe even have a specific tracer, a fingerprint for that company’s frack job.

Bill Allayaud believes that the public should have the full picture when it comes to fracking. As California Director of Governmental Affairs for the Environmental Working Group, Allayaud is the organizations ground man in Sacramento. For over 20 years Allayaud worked as a planner, permit analyst and legislative liaison with the California Coastal Commission. This work led him to be an urban planner for two cities and then state director of the Sierra Club.

Allayaud has a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz in Environmental Studies and Politics and a Master's from Cornell University in Regional Planning.

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