Bill Gallegos

Executive Director, Communities for a Better Environment

As the Executive Director for Communities for a Better Environment, Bill Gallegos is at the helm of one of the leading environmental justice organizations in the United States. During its 28 years of organizing in California, CBE has achieved groundbreaking environmental policies that have led to cleaner air and water in for low income communities of color living near power plants, oil refineries and other large polluters. Gallegos brings with him nearly 30 years of experience as a social justice activist and leader. 

He is currently a member of the California Environmental Justice Advisory Committee that is working to help implement California's new greenhouse gas legislation; and is in the leadership of GREENLA, a coalition of more than 60 environmental and environmental justice organizations working to make LA "the greenest big city in the United States." 



Carbon & Courts: Cap and Trade

September 14, 2011
It might be the only reference to Star Wars you’ll ever hear at Climate One. Reaching for an analogy to drive home the impact of a shrinking cap...