Brad Mattson

CEO, Siva Power

What I found whether you’re on Africa or India or in the jungles of Nicaragua, if you want to enrich lives, you want to reduce poverty, energy is at the base of it.

Brad Mattson knows that energy is at the heart of reducing poverty ​and he sees a global business opportunity to make energy available everywhere. As CEO of Siva Power, he has brought together technology and manufacturing to prepare for the next generation of solar by providing clean energy globally at a lower cost than traditional fuel sources. Mattson started in the ​industry at Applied Materials. He later founded and scaled both Novellus and Mattson Technology, two startups that went from his garage to the NASDAQ trading floor. Leaving the semiconductor industry, he became deeply invested in social entrepreneurship by mentoring businesses whose technology benefits humanity, especially renewable energy. Mattson is working to bring solar to the cost point that would unlock the market, making clean, affordable energy available to everyone, everywhere - from corporations to off-grid communities.

Mattson is the author of The Solar Pheonix: How America Can Rise from the Ashes of Solyndra to World Leadership in Solar 2.0. In 2005, Mattson was listed as one of the top 50 most influential people in the Semiconductor Industry and in 1998 was named as an Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of The Year.

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