Brandon Goshi

Manager of Water Policy and Strategy, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

The more the [agricultural sector] recognizes the need for water use efficiency and looks into some of the alternative technologies, that’s the direction that’s going to benefit them and the rest of the state’s economy.

Brandon Goshi believes that California's economy will benefit once the agricultural sector invests in alternative technologies to promote water-use efficiency. As the Manager of Water Policy and Strategy at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Goshi's responsibilities include developing regional water supply and demand projections, defining approaches and strategies for managing uncertainty, and recommending resource implementation and operational strategies. In his current position he draws from his prior experience of working on water rate structures for Los Angeles.

Goshi holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UC Irvine.

Brandon Goshi's Simple Shift

We do have low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads, and efficiency washers.

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