Brent Newell

Food Project Attorney, Public Justice

What we end up doing [under cap-and-trade offsets] is exporting the jobs that could be reducing the emissions in state.

Brent Newell is a Food Project Attorney with Public Justice in Oakland, California, where he works with the Food Project team to reform the industrial animal agriculture system, support impacted communities, and promote sustainable alternatives. He brings with him over 15 years of environmental justice litigation and policy experience on air quality, climate change, factory farm, and civil rights issues. Newell started accumulating this experience as a legal intern with CRPE in 1998 while in law school. 

Newell earned a degree in economics from UC Santa Cruz in 1992, and got his J.D. at the University of Oregon School of Law. In 2008, he received the Clean Air Award for Leadership from Breathe California for his work to reduce agricultural air pollution.

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