Brooke Barton

Senior Program Director for the Water Program, Ceres

The business community has typically been preferenced with cheap, abundant water even in places where water hasn’t been that abundant.

Brooke Barton believes in the potential of sustainable leadership in the private sector. As the Senior Program Director for the Water Program at Ceres, Barton directs the organization’s research and corporate investor engagement on the risks and opportunities related to growing water scarcity. Prior to Ceres, Brooke was a researcher for the Harvard Business School's Social Enterprise Initiative where she wrote case studies and articles on the corporate social responsibility strategies of multinational corporations in developing countries.

Barton is co-author of The Ceres Aqua Gauge: A Framework for 21st Century Water Risk Management.

Brooke Barton's Simple Shift

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While water saving is not a big focus in that area of the country, I spend a lot of time talking to my neighbors about what toilets they could put in. They think I’m crazy sometimes. It’s a little easier in California to have that conversation. But I think personal advocacy 101 is a big part of what is important for all of us to do.

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