Bruce Gibney

Author, A Generation of Sociopaths

As the author of A Generation of Sociopaths, Bruce Gibney believes that the experiences, behaviors and politics of the Baby Boomers led to slowing economic growth, environmental degradation, and a toxic legacy of debt. Gibney came to writing with broad experience as a venture capitalist. An early investor in PayPal, he later joined Founders Fund, where he and his colleagues were early investors in Facebook, Spotify, Palantir Technologies, Elon Musk's SpaceX, Airbnb, Lyft, Stemcentrx and other start-ups. In the midst of this work, Gibney published an essay "What Happened to the Future?" in which he began to dissect the various causes leading to our current political, economic, and social realities.



Inheriting Climate Change

June 11, 2017
Do the baby boomers owe millennials a clean planet? Or is it every generation for itself? Consumption-crazed baby boomers are leaving their younger…