Bruce Katz

Vice President, Brookings Institute

Climate is an existential threat, and we have to grapple with this for the future of the planet. It is also an economic imperative. We’ve mapped the clean economy in the United States, about 2.7 million jobs. That’s bigger than the fossil fuel industry… This is the vanguard of the next industrial revolution. We want to be at the head of it.

Bruce Katz believes that the way forward after the recession is with a radically different economy. As Vice President of the Brookings Institute, Katz advises federal, state and local leaders on shifting demographic and market trends as well as on policies that are critical to metropolitan prosperity. Drawing from this experience, he co-authored The Metropolitan Revolution, a distillation of his work on the emerging metropolitan-led “next economy” and its practitioners around the country working to produce more and better jobs driven by innovation, exports and sustainability.

Katz is a graduate of Brown University and Yale Law School and a visiting professor at the London School of Economics.

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