Bruce Nilles

Senior Director, Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club

We in the United States have a tremendous opportunity, and I would say a responsibility. We sit on the largest coal reserves in the world. We have 25 percent of all the coal in the entire globe. Much of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is also from us over the last hundred years.

Bruce Nilles believes that having the largest coal reserves in the world gives the U.S. a tremendous opportunity. As the former Senior Campaign Director for the Beyond Coal Campaign at the Sierra Club, Nilles worked to reduce America's over reliance on coal, slash coal's contribution to global warming, end destructive mining, and secure massive investments in clean energy alternatives. Nilles is now Deputy Conservation Director of the Sierra Club.

Nilles previously worked as a Staff Attorney for Earthjustice's San Francisco office, and during the Clinton Administration as Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice's Environment and Natural Resources Division in Washington D.C.

Bruce Nilles's Simple Shift

I moved to California three months ago and, after four years of car-free living, I bought my first new car ever. I did a lot of shopping around about the electric choices, and I ended up on a plug-in Prius. To me, it still obviously has a fair amount of gasoline.

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