Caeli Quinn

Co-founder and Executive Director, Climate Ride

Caeli Quinn is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Climate Ride, a philanthropic organization mobilizing people to raise awareness of climate, clean energy, and sustainable living through human-powered adventures. Started as a five-day charitable bike ride from NYC to DC in 2008, Climate Ride has grown into an idea catalyst and leading funder of the environmental and active transportation movement. 

Climate Ride is a powerful symbol of what is possible — and necessary — for positive change to occur. Bringing people and organizations together to discuss, think, and create is essential to finding solutions to our most pressing challenges. The Climate Ride team now produces events around the world — charitable bike rides and hiking adventures — that transform lives and fund important initiatives critical to a sustainable future. From supporting conservation efforts in our national parks to protected bike lanes in our nation’s cities, Climate Ride’s impact is felt across many channels. 

Climate Ride has delivered nearly $4,000,000.00 in grants to 100 leading environmental, conservation and active transportation nonprofit organizations. Climate Ride speakers and participants have included top sustainability thinkers, eco-heroes, scientists, and policy experts.

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