Carleen Cullen

Founder and Executive Director, Cool the Earth

Carleen Cullen isn't afraid of being silly in order to teach kids about climate issues. As Co-founder and Executive Director of Cool the Earth, Cullen works to engage students in the issues of climate change through a school-to-home program. The program motivates kids and their families to take actions to reduce their carbon footprint. Cool the Earth has reached over 250,000 families nationwide. Cullen draws from a wealth of experience, having helped start an information technology company, take the company public and later sell the company to an international national conglomerate. Prior to founding Cool the Earth, Cullen founded Ovid Technologies, and grew it into a successful global business.

Cullen serves on the Leadership Council for Chabot Space and Science Center, has a B.A. in English Literature from Loyola Marymount University.



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