Carlos Curbelo

Former U.S. Representative (R-FL)

Carlos Curbelo is committed to ensuring a future for for the residents of his former South Florida district, to help keep their homes resembling something of a paradise. In 2014, Curbelo ran as the Republican candidate and was elected to represent Florida’s 26th district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He served on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the Education and Workforce Committee, the Small Business Committee, and the powerful Committee on Ways and Means where he co-authored the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017.

While in Congress, Curbelo filed the landmark Market Choice Act, ambitious legislation that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by pricing carbon. Also in 2018, he led a discharge petition initiative that forced the U.S. House to debate and consider comprehensive immigration reform legislation  including a path to citizenship for Dreamers  for the first time in a decade. He was ranked the fourth most bipartisan Member of the House where he represented South Florida until returning to the private sector in 2019. 

Previously, in 2017, Curbelo was honored by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation with the New Frontier Award for his work promoting bipartisan cooperation on environmental policy. He received his Bachelor's in Business Administration and Political Science and Master’s in Public Administration.from the University of Miami. 



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