Carolyn Jung


Carolyn Jung is a James Beard Award-winning food journalist who is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A former staff writer for the San Jose Mercury News, she is currently a freelance writer for the San Francisco ChronicleSilicon Valley MagazineEdible Marin-Wine Country, Via MagazineOakland Magazine and

She is the creator of the blog, and the author of the cookbook, San Francisco Chef's Table. Her second cookbook, East Bay Cooks will publish summer 2019.

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REWIND: The New Surf and Turf

Jul 19 2018 - 6:30pm

Production of animal protein is producing vast amounts of climate-eating gases. But a new generation of companies are creating innovative food products that mimic meat and have much smaller environmental impacts. Some of this mock meat is derived from plants with ingredients designed to replicate the taste and pleasure of chomping into a beef hamburger. Others are growing meat cells that come from a laboratory and not a cow.