Chris King

Chief Regulatory Officer, eMeter

These [smart grid] programs over the year show that people can readily shut their peak [power] down by about 20% without making major lifestyle changes. That would be [the equivalent of] 140 coal-fired power plants from the country.

As the Chief Regulatory Officer for eMeter, Chris King is responsible for policy-oriented and strategic activities, including market analysis and product strategy, working with regulators and legislators worldwide. He has over 25 years experience with smart meters and Smart Grids, including as director of rate design at Pacific Gas & Electric. In addition to his current role, King founded the Brussels-based Smart Energy Demand Coalition and Washington-based Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition, invented the Peak Time Rebate, and is a board member of the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid.

King has testified before the U.S. Congress, several U.S. States, and international regulatory bodies. He holds masters degrees in science and business from Stanford University and a doctorate in law from Concord Law School.

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