Christopher Lehane

Partner and Political Strategist, Fabiani & Lehane

Governor Schwarzenegger teamed up with Democrats in the State Senate and the State Assembly to pass AB 32, which is effectively a cap-and-trade system that now exists in California… That’s an example of a Republican governor, a Democratic legislature, obviously a Democratic state coming together and actually passing something and doing something that is really big and pretty substantive.

Christopher Lehane sees the economic impact of climate change as the common ground between industries. As a Partner and Political Strategist at Fabiani & Lehane, Lehane is an expert on crisis management. His firm represents a variety of clients, from big labor to sports organizations, providing strategic advice when those clients face complex media and legal challenges. Using this experience, he successfully lead the strategy for No On 23, which beat back the oil industry's effort to overturn California's precedent using climate change laws.

Lehane is co-author of Masters of Disaster: The Ten Commandments of Damage Control. He is a former political consultant for President Bill Clinton.

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