Dan Miller

Managing Director, The Roda Group

The Keystone Pipeline is more than just a pipe of fossil fuels coming into our country. It is a symbol, too. We have to make the change some time. We should have done it 20 years ago… If we don’t start now, when are we going to do it?

Dan Miller credits extreme weather events with alerting an inattentive public about climate issues. As Managing Director of the Roda Group, Miller supports the talents of exceptional scientists, engineers and marketing professionals to create companies that become market leaders. Miller serves on the Board of Directors for three recent investments, mOasis, Inventys, and Gridtential, which he believes will fundamentally advance the way we grow food, produce energy and store energy, respectively.

Prior to The Roda Group, Miller was Executive Vice President of TCSI Corporation. Miller is a member of Cornell University's Faculty Computing and Information Science and School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisory Boards.

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