Danny Merkley

Director of Water Resources, California Farm Bureau

One of the things I learned in farming is you don’t do big wholesale changes. You get a lot of unintended consequences, you need to go in as you learn and adjust and tune up and change things but to do wholesale changes like that cause a lot of havoc, more problem.

Danny Merkley believes that California's 2014 water bond will be helpful to preparing for a lasting drought. As the Director of Water Resources for the California Farm Bureau, Merkley represents the CFB on policy issues that directly affect managing the flow of water in California. Prior to this, Merkley earned a degree in farm management and worked the land for 17 years, during which he became involved in local politics. In 2004 he became a liaison between farmers and the State Water Resources Control Board. His expertise in water issues facing California led him to the CFB.

Merkley is a former member of the Solano County Farm Bureau board of directors. He graduated from the California Agricultural Leadership Program.

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