Dave Lochbaum

Director, Nuclear Safety Project, Union of Concerned Scientists

For 10 years, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted less than what the safety bar is set at. They don’t have a right to do that.

Dave Lochbaum believes that mismanagement of nuclear plants is preventing the growth of the nuclear industry. A nuclear engineer by training, Lochbaum worked at nuclear power plants for 17 years before blowing the whistle on unsafe practices he had witnessed. Now as Director of the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Nuclear Safety Project, Lochbaum monitors ongoing safety issues at domestic reactors, and provides informed analysis of nuclear plant conditions and incidents to Congress.

Lochbaum has authored numerous reports, including "The NRC and Nuclear Power Plant Safety" in 2010. Over the years he has been cited thousands of times by a wide range of news organizations, including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Wall Street Journal.

Dave Lochbaum's Simple Shift

I work out of a home office where the commute is down two flights of stairs and I drive a Honda Insight. I have a pretty small carbon footprint to start with. Plus I'm a cheap son of a gun, so the thermostat's real low.

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