Dave Quast

California State Director at Energy in Depth

[Fracking] has been done safely, and it will continue to be done safely and in a more regulated environment now, and we should all be excited about that given the potential economic benefits and environmental benefits of developing our oil onshore.

Dave Quast wants California regulations to make sense for this state's distinct characteristics. As the California State Director for Energy in Depth, Quast focuses on researching, explaining and setting the record straight on the promise and potential of responsible home-grown energy development in California. He brings to the position his over 20 years of experience working with clients in matters of strategic communications and public affairs in a variety of environments from a Fortune Ten corporation to the U.S. Congress.

Quast is Senior Director in the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting. He is an adjunct professor at the Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism at the University of Southern California.

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