Diana Dehm

Founder, Trash on Your Back

Diana Dehm believes “People are the heart of driving change.” As Founder, Producer, and Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment™ Radio, her goal is to raise awareness that a cleaner economy can create jobs and prosperity.

Dehm’s technical experience includes 20 years of corporate sustainability in Fortune 500’s, municipalities, federal and state government, non-profit organizations, and universities. In 2008 she successfully helped launch Hewlett Packard’s Green IT initiative, and continues to work with HP.

In 2012 she fell in love with her trash and launched the Trash On Your Back Challenge, inspiring people to walk around with their trash on their back for five days. People who have completed the challenge include a retired Navy Admiral, a 3-year-old girl, a 99-year-old man, and the manager of the Seattle Mariners baseball team.

In addition to her radio show and trash challenge, Dehm consults with corporations and cities on how to advance the audacious and achievable goal of a zero waste nation.

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