Eleni Myrivili

Eleni Myrivili

Global Chief Heat Officer, UN Habitat

Eleni "Lenio" Myrivili is Global Chief Heat Officer to UN Habitat and the Arsht Rock Resilience Center, working to build heat resilience in cities around the world. Myrivili is senior advisor for urban heat and a senior fellow at the Arsht-Rock Center at the Atlantic Council. She is also a member of the EU Mission Board for Adaptation at the European Commission. 

Myrivili was elected to city government (2014 to 2019) and was appointed Athens’ Deputy Mayor for Urban Nature and Climate Resilience. During the last decade, Myrivili served as Chief Heat Officer and Chief Resilience officer for the City of Athens and co-chaired the Steering Committee of the Resilient Cities Network. Her work on heat resilience established Athens’ leadership in international urban climate change responses.

A recognized voice in Heat Resilience, Myrivili, was invited to deliver a TED talk Global on her vision, in March 2022. She has been featured in many prominent international media including the New York Times and Politico’s 28 list of most influential Europeans for 2022. She held a tenured position at the University of the Aegean, was the host of a National Public Television documentary series on sustainable living, holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University and was recently a GSD Loeb Fellow at Harvard University.