Ellen Horne

Founder, Story Mechanics; Former Executive Producer, Radiolab

Ellen Horne is the founder of Story Mechanics, a production company specializing in podcasts, live show tours, scoring and sound design. For 12 years, she was the execuive producer of Radiolab. During her tenure there, she led the award-winning editorial production team (George Foster Peabody Awards [twice], Murrow Awards, National Academy of Sciences’ Keck Futures Communication Award, the Kavli Science Journalism Award, the National Community Broadcasters Association’s Golden Reel Award (twice) and five Third Coast Audio Festival Awards.)  

At Cornell College she earned an undergraduate degree in Theater and Religion. Horne has a soft spot for theatrical touring shows. She directed and produced three national touring productions for Radiolab. Horne was executive producer for Original Content at Audible, where she created original programming (Ponzi Supernova, Twain’s Feast, Pitch, Mortal City). Prior to her career in narrative audio storytelling, Horne was a development director for a marine conservation non-profit.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Shadows to Spotlight: Climate in the Media

MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted in 2018 that every time he has covered climate it has been a “palpable ratings killer,” while This American Life host Ira Glass says climate change is “weirdly resistant to journalism.” So what makes climate such a hard sell for storytellers and broadcast media? 

“The topic comes up, you feel this spike of anxiety, and then you just look away,” says Ellen Horne, who was Executive Producer of WNYC’s Radiolab for 12 years. “Engaging it is too challenging.”