Emily Castor Warren

Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft

Emily Castor Warren is a shared mobility pioneer with a wealth of experience in transportation policy and technology regulation. After starting her career as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill and advising local governments on public infrastructure finance, Emily joined Lyft on its first day of operations in 2012. During her tenure there, she founded several operational departments and led national teams focused on transportation policy, public transit partnerships, and community engagement as Lyft expanded across all 50 states. Emily later joined Lime, where she led the central policy and research team as the company scaled its electric scooter service to 100 cities and 15 countries.

Emily’s deep understanding of technology allows her to craft creative policy solutions that bring new mobility options to market, while ensuring industry accountability. Her wide-ranging experience on issues such as datasharing, operator permitting, transit innovation, mobility-as-a-service integration, and micromobility safety standards makes her an invaluable advisor for policy reforms at all levels of government.

Emily serves on the advisory board of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies and as a board director for the Shared Use Mobility Center and Boston’s LivableStreets Alliance. She maintains advisory affiliations with Fontinalis Partners, a venture capital firm focused on the transportation sector, and Superpedestrian, an electric bike and scooter hardware and software company.

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“I think so; we can do it,” says clean transportation consultant Emily Castor Warren. “The technology is there and we’re starting to see a really rapidly increasing pace of consumer adoption.