Eyal Aranoff

Co-founder of the Fuel Freedom Foundation

The thing that took nature hundreds of millions of years. It’s really, really hard to do. That’s why we’re looking to open the market for small molecule fuels, which we call alcohol fuels. It’s that much easier to do. You don’t need 21st century biology to do it. You can do it with 19th century chemistry.

Eyal Aranoff believes in using 19th century chemistry to solve 21st century problems. As co-founder of the Fuel Freedom Foundation, Aranoff is working to end the United States' dependence on oil by removing barriers to competition in the transportation fuel market. Part of the challenge is confronting what Aranoff sees as the oil-industry monopoly. He uses his vast business background to make economic sense of this enormous issue.

Aronoff co-founded Quest Software, one of the largest independent software vendors in the world. Eyal graduated Summa Cum Laude in Chemistry and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University in Israel.

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