Forrest Sawyer

Former Network News Anchor and Correspondent; ABC, NBC and CBS

For more than two decades Mr. Sawyer reported from around the world for ABC, CBS and MSNBC.  He anchored ABC World News Sunday for several years and for ten years he was the primary replacement anchor on ABC’s  Nightline.

In 1990 and 1991 he spent eight months covering the Gulf War, scoring numerous exclusives from Baghdad to Saudi Arabia to Iran; including reports from inside Kuwait City before it was liberated by coalition forces. His documentary work includes the acclaimed Return to the Ia Drang, which for the first time brought United States veterans back to a critical Vietnam battlefield to meet their one-time enemies.

His extensive coverage of environmental concerns includes an examination of deforestation in the Amazon; water issues in the Everglades; a week-long Discovery Television series on increased tornado and storm activity; and several reports on climate change. In 2007, he traveled with Greg Dalton on a Commonwealth Club voyage to the Arctic Circle aboard a Russian icebreaker.

Mr. Sawyer currently is a board member of Edison Pharmaceuticals, which studies mitochondrial disease.  He is also a co-founder of Ampere Life Sciences, a newly launched company developing medical and functional foods targeting antioxidant deficiencies.