Fran Pavley

Senator, California State Senate

I think the oil companies have some of the best engineers on the planet, I think they can [reduce the carbon intensity of their products].

Fran Pavley sees the amount of new renewable energy businesses in California as an incredible success story. As a California State Senator, Pavley's top priorities include the economy, education, transportation, energy, and the environment. During the 2013-14 legislative session, Senator Pavley successfully carried legislation to end unregulated fracking in California and co-authored successful legislation to invest $2 billion in successful air quality and clean vehicle and fuel technology programs. 

Pavley received her master’s degree in Environmental Planning at CSU Northridge. She served for three terms in the California State Assembly starting in 2000. 

Fran Pavley's Simple Shift

We don’t have air conditioning. We use our clothes line. It’s a novel concept and idea - the sun actually dries your clothes.

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