Fred Krupp

President of the Environmental Defense Fund

We need more than hope. We need action. And while talk is just talk, silence has been very expensive up until now. Through leadership and talk, the President’s got the opportunity now to connect the dots for the American public so that we can get to a time where it’s possible to envision Congress taking the action that this country desperately needs to take.

Fred Krupp is comforted by the abundance of hope he sees, but knows that the vital step is action. As President of the Environmental Defense Fund, Krupp is widely recognized as a pioneer in harnessing market forces for environmental ends. He has spent 30 years as the head of the organization, overseeing the growth of EDF from a small nonprofit with a budget of $3 million to a recognized worldwide leader in the environmental movement. Krupp has also forged strategic partnerships with FedEx, McDonald’s and Walmart, engaging companies to lessen their impact on the environment by eliminating millions of pounds of packaging waste and improving energy efficiency across the global retail supply chain.

Krupp is co-author of Earth: The Sequel – The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming. In 2011, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu appointed Krupp to the seven-member panel charged with recommending measures to reduce the environmental impact and improve the safety of shale gas production.

Fred Krupp's Simple Shift

I have put insulation in the roof, like 12 or 14 inches in the basement, which turns out to be the best investment of all. I have put new windows in the house to reduce energy. My oil bill has plummeted.

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