Gabriel Thompson

Freelance Journalist and Author

Gabriel Thompson is an independent journalist who has written feature articles for The New York Times, Harper's, New York Magazine, Slate, Mother Jones, Vice, Virginia Quarterly Review and The Nation. His articles about labor and immigration have won a number of prizes, including the Studs Terkel Media Award and the Sidney Award. He is the author of five books; his most recent, Chasing the Harvest, is an oral history collection of California farmworkers.

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Chasing the Harvest in the Heat

Sep 19 2017 - 6:30pm

Rising temperatures are making hard outdoor jobs even harder. It is the kind of heat that will ground airplanes and melt rail lines, and health experts say agricultural workers are especially vulnerable, as they are already one of the most economically disadvantaged groups.

This is a conversation on how rising temperatures are changing the way our food is grown and the choices we have at the grocery store.