Gavin McCormick

Co-founder, Climate TRACE

Gavin McCormick is the founder and executive director of WattTime, the nonprofit tech company that first developed Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) technology. Gavin is also one of the ten founding members of Climate TRACE, a global coalition of tech companies, NGOs, and universities working together to combine satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to make global GHG emissions transparent. He holds a masters degree in energy econometrics from UC Berkeley.

Podcast Guest Appearances

What’s in My Air?

Key to addressing the climate crisis is having an accurate picture of greenhouse gas emissions. Over a 20-year period, methane is 80 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Yet those responsible for releasing methane into the atmosphere often don’t even know how they themselves are emitting. And methane is only one of many harmful air pollutants that result from our dependence on burning fossil fuels. 

2022: This Year in Climate

As 2022 comes to a close, Climate One takes a look back at the climate highs and lows and revisits conversations with some of the most insightful leaders we spoke with this year.  

Climate-amplified natural disasters continue to wreak devastation on communities and countries all across the world, costing many lives and lots of money. This year’s Atlantic hurricane season was one of the costliest on record. According to the New York Times, the total cost of hurricanes has gone up elevenfold since the 1980s, and that’s adjusted for inflation.