Gavin McCormick

Co-founder, Climate TRACE

Gavin McCormick is the founder and executive director of WattTime, the nonprofit tech company that first developed Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) technology. As of 2023, AER helps over 300 million IoT devices run on surplus clean energy sources like wind & solar, reducing the use of fossil fuels.

McCormick is also one of the co-founders of Climate TRACE, a global coalition of tech companies, NGOs, and universities working together to combine satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to make global GHG emissions transparent. As of 2023, Climate TRACE coalition contributors collectively are now monitoring the emissions of every country and sector of the global economy, and making a detailed global inventory of individual emissions sources worldwide free and open to the public.

McCormick holds a Masters degree in energy econometrics from UC Berkeley, having dropped out of a PhD program there to launch WattTime.



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