Gernot Wagner

Lead Senior Economist, Environmental Defense Fund

We still haven’t done enough. It takes policy. It’s not just individual action. It has to drive the kind of change that’s necessary.

Gernot Wagner has confidence that a union of bottom-up action and top-down policy will drive lasting change. As lead senior economist at the Environmental Defense Fund, Wagner co-leads the office of economic policy and analysis to advocate for market-based solutions to a wide range of environmental problems. His particular focus is on climate and energy economics.

Wagner teaches energy economics as adjunct faculty at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, and is the author of But Will the Planet Notice? and co-author of Climate Shock.

Gernot Wagner's Simple Shift

I'm vegetarian. I don't drive. We carry our 23-month-old around everywhere. We don't have air-conditioning. We try to do all the right things. Then you add it all up and it just doesn't add up to enough.

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