Gustavo Faleiros

Environmental Journalist

It’s very difficult to actually create a momentum in the newspaper with your audience, but [climate change] is actually important… One of the main challenges is really to tell a good story with such kind of a vague target.

Gustavo Faleiros' main challenge as an environmental journalist is to keep the reader's attention with an extremely broad target. Faleiros specializes in data-driven journalism, as seen in his project InfoAmazonia, a digital map that uses satellite and other publicly available data to monitor the Amazon rainforest. Wanting to empower the community, he helped create the Amazon Communications Network, which trained journalists and produced 200 stories about environmental issues in the region.

In 2003, the World Bank awarded him a prize for a story on the water supply in rural areas near São Paulo. Faleiros earned a master’s degree in environment, politics and globalization from King’s College London.

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