Irina Fedorenko-Aula

Founder, Co-CEO, Vlinder

Dr. Irina Fedorenko-Aula is an academic and a serial green tech entrepreneur working on nature-based solutions. She is a member of the steering group at Initiatives of land lives and peace. Irina co-founded the first tree-planting drone company Dendra Systems. This work took Irina to Myanmar and across Asia where she developed tree-planting projects. Irina is an expert on carbon sequestration, having obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford. She is leading the Carbon and Impact team and is responsible for Mangrove Restoration projects and community engagement policies of the company.     

Podcast Guest Appearances

Blue Carbon: Sinking it in The Sea

When most of us think about using nature to remove carbon dioxide from the air, we think of trees. Yet blue carbon, a new name for storing carbon dioxide in coastal and marine ecosystems where it can no longer trap heat in our atmosphere, may have even greater potential. Salt marshes and mangroves have carbon-capturing capacity that may surpass that of terrestrial forests and they are found on every continent except Antarctica.