J Jordan

Policy Coordinator, Leadership Counsel for Justice & Accountability

J Jordan is a Policy Coordinator with Leadership Counsel for Justice & Accountability, based in Sacramento, on Nisenan land. They work with state-level allies and partners on advocacy to ensure participatory and equitable policies and processes for San Joaquin & Eastern Coachella valley communities. J received a B.A. in Anthropology from Haverford College and a Master’s in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis, with a focus on gender and social equity in participatory water management. They were born in Athens, Greece and have worked in various regions of the U.S. and internationally on environmental, agricultural and food justice through community engagement, advocacy, and research.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Cow Poop and Compost: Digesting the Methane Menace

Carbon dioxide isn’t only greenhouse gas being emitted into the atmosphere that’s damaging the climate. In a 20-year time frame, methane is actually 80 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide. These emissions present a significant problem for policy makers and people alike.