J. Morgan Grove

Research Scientist and Team Leader, US Forest Service

Morgan Grove joined the USDA Forest Service in 1996 and is a social scientist and Team Leader for the USDA Forest Service's Baltimore Urban Field Station. Morgan has been a Co-Principal Investigator of the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research Project, the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), since its beginning in 1997. He is a lecturer at the Yale School of the Environment (YSE), where he teaches urban ecology.


Morgan is the lead author for The Baltimore School of Urban Ecology: Space, Scale, and Time for the Study of Cities, which advances a new school of urban ecology for the 21st century. He co-edited a companion book, Science for the Sustainable City: Empirical Insights from the Baltimore School of Urban Ecology. Morgan has a B.A. from Yale College with a dual degree in Architecture and Environmental Studies, a M.F.S. in Community Forestry from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Social Ecology from Yale University.


Podcast Guest Appearances

Rebuilding for Climate: Successful City Strategies

83% of people in the United States live in urban areas. And these days that’s where important climate progress is happening. Cities all over the country and globe are experimenting with climate resilience projects specific to their local environments and challenges.