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JB Straubel

Founder and CEO, Redwood Materials

JB Straubel is the Founder and CEO of Redwood Materials. Redwood is transforming the lithium-ion battery supply chain by offering large-scale sources of domestic anode and cathode materials produced from recycled batteries, creating a fully closed loop that will drive down the costs and environmental footprint of electric vehicles. Prior to founding Redwood, Straubel co-founded Tesla and spent 15 years as Chief Technology Officer. 

At Tesla, Straubel built one of the best engineering teams in the world, and among many topics, led cell design, supply chain and led the first Gigafactory concept through the production ramp of the Model 3. Straubel had a direct role in both R&D, team building and operational expansion from prototype cars through to mass production and GWh-scale. Straubel holds a Bachelor of Science in Energy Systems Engineering and a Master of Science in Energy Engineering from Stanford University.