Jeremy Jones

Founder and CEO, Protect Our Winters

[Today] is maybe the first time that we’ve had a collection of the world’s best resorts come and speak on [climate] matters. So it’s huge step forward just to have this conversation.

Jeremy Jones is optimistic to see the big resorts joining the discussion on snowcap melt. As the Founder and CEO of Protect Our Winters, Jones aims to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change. Over his many years of being a professional snowboarder, Jones was increasingly turned away from once rideable resorts due to a lack of snow. This led him to start the non-profit, which focuses on educational initiatives, advocacy, and the support of community-based projects.

Jones founded his own freeride-oriented snowboard brand, Jones Snowboards.

Jeremy Jones's Simple Shift

Ten years ago, I used to spend probably 20, 30 days in a helicopter. About six years ago, I stopped using helicopters to access the mountains. I look at my helicopter consumption as just right in line with the car I'm driving and the food I'm buying.

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