Jeremy Martin

Senior Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists

Jeremy Martin is a Senior Scientist in the Union of Concerned Scientists' Clean Transportation Program where he evaluates the impact of biofuels and fuel policy.

Dr. Martin is the author of more than 15 technical publications and 13 patents on topics ranging from biofuels lifecycle accounting to semiconductor manufacturing and polymer physics. His recent report for UCS, Fueling a Clean Transportation Future: Smart fuel choices for a warming world describes how transportation fuels are changing, and what can be done to reduce emissions from their production.

Dr. Martin has testified before Congress and briefed state and federal legislators and regulators on key fuel policies.  He has served on several expert panels examining how the fuels industry is changing, and what can be done to move it in a cleaner direction. 

Before coming to UCS, Dr. Martin worked in research, development and manufacturing of computer chips at Advanced Micro Devices. Dr. Martin has a Ph.D. in chemistry and a minor in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and English literature from Haverford College.


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