Jerry Blann

President, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

We have a workforce throughout our industry who comes to resorts and actually selects our resorts because of their environmental ethic and ethos… Employees choose an Aspen, choose a Whistler or choose a Jackson Hole because of what they’re doing corporately to make a difference.

Jerry Blann faces an interesting challenge: operating an efficient resort in a large energy-producing state. As President of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Blann has helped the resort become one of the best in the nation. Starting in his college days, Blann has been an ardent skier and still takes to the slopes a few times a week. It's this love of the powder that has motivated the Jackson Hole Resort to become a founding member of the Climate Challenge, a program that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the ski industry. 

Blann earned his B.S. from University of Denver in 1970.

Jerry Blann's Simple Shift

I like to walk, so that's my mode of transportation as much as I can personally.

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